Our Services

Computer Repair/Maintenance

Rifle Computer Repair
Proper maintenance of your computer will allow you to stop problems before they start as well as keep it running as good as new. When issues do arise you can count on our fast, friendly service to get your computer running properly in no time flat. We don’t put band-aids on your problems—we will point out any problems that we see and help solve ALL your issues—not just the ones you know about. A little pc love now will save you a lot down the road.

Computer Upgrades

Computer UpgradesIf your computer is running slow or not working the way you want it to, but a new computer is out of your price range, upgrading is a great idea for you! For a small price, you can upgrade your computer, which can make it run like new. Whether it’s a hardware or software upgrade, we can pump new life into your computer and make it work the way you want it to.


Computer SoftwareHow much do you know about software? Can you tell the key differences between the different versions? We can. There are several different types of software to meet your every need. We can help you choose the perfect software and install, maintain, upgrade, and update it for you. If there is software out there that you want, we can make it yours! Time to upgrade? You can be sure we can bring your existing data from your current software into the new software without causing any data loss or major downtime.

Remote Assistance

Computer Remote AssistanceWhen you need help immediately, our remote assistance cannot be beat! We teamed up with one fastest growing remote assistance companies in the world to bring you quick, easy, and secure remote assistance. Our package is exclusive to us and isn’t some free VNC package off the Internet. All you need is access to the Internet and we can help you anytime anywhere. With your help, we can take over control of your computer, network, or even other computers. Best of all, we won’t need you to watch so you can get on with your business while we do our thing.

Vendor Management

Vendor ManagementOverwhelmed with contacts at different companies you work with? Not sure if they are over-selling or under-selling your needs? We can help you with that. We take the vendor management chaos from you and do it all for you. But don’t worry—you still have control; we just make it more manageable and easy for you to deal with. We also help you understand and stay on top on maintenance contracts and forced renewals.

1 on 1 Training

1-on-1 TrainingTechnology should be simple for everyone to use! With our one on one training, we make that possible. Anyone at any age can learn to use technology. Whether you have never used a computer or you want to learn to build your own, call us and we can help! We also offer computer seminars on the weekends for the public to learn about computers. (Look for this Fall 2011!)

Data Backup

Data BackupYour data is important! Whether it is the information that keeps your business running or pictures of your family, we can keep your data safe. We don’t resell another major company–we own the software and the servers! Our backup software is user friendly, automated, and encrypted both during the transport to our server and when stored on our server. Your data is stored in not one, not two, but three separate highly secured areas and monitored 24/7. In the event of a major technological disaster, we can have your data restored within hours, not days. We support Windows, OS X, SQL, MySQL, Exchange, Bare-bones, Windows, and much more. You wouldn’t believe how affordable our backups really are, and with a local company, you get local support.

Apple Products

Apple Products - iPad, IPhone, MacBookGetting service for your Apple products just got a whole lot easier! We service everything Apple as quickly and easily as we service everything else. From MacBooks to iPods and iPads, we service it all. Need memory? We got you covered? Kernel panics? Relax—we do that too. Count on the only local company to offer Apple services for all your Apple needs.

Completely Managed IT

Complete Management ITOur Completely Managed IT combines several of our services (Computer Repair/Maintenance, Upgrades, Software, Remote Assistance, Data Backup, and Vendor Management, as well as Hardware as a Service) into one convenient package. Each package will come with a free personalized quote! Our Completely Managed IT is cheaper than hiring an IT person and more flexible when you need IT work. Did you know that this service is guaranteed to be the lowest? If you find a similar package from another company that is cheaper, we will beat it by 15%. That’s a promise no one else can make!

Hardware as a Service

Hardware As A ServiceStarting a new business but worried about IT cost?? Equipment on the fritz? Need upgrades to your network but cannot afford to buy the equipment? Let us take care of your needs with our Hardware as a Service option. Rent the equipment you need for as long as you need it at a nominal monthly/weekly/daily fee depending on your needs. We offer everything from Multi-function network printers to servers to networking equipment as well as laptops and desktops. We have over $12,000 in new inventory waiting to be used by you. Call us today and let us help make this happen for you!


Fix broken iPhone Blackberry Android PDALet us help you make technology portable! We can set up your PDA/Blackberry/iPhone/Androids to receive email and keep you in touch with your business when you are out of the office. Need help installing Blackberry Enterprise Server? No problem. OWA not working with your PDA? We can fix that.

Business Services

EZ-IT Business Service CenterWe know how hectic things can get when trying to run a business. Allow us to take some of the work off your shoulders with our new business service center. Our services include: copy and print, fax, shredding, coil binding, typing and data entry, as well as designing of promotional materials. Call or stop by today for your free quote!

Disaster Recovery

Data RecoveryWhen a disaster happens, it is possible to get your data back from hard drives, jump drives, and data cards. You have enough to worry about, let us take care of retrieving your data. We can recover your data and store it on a disc or an external hard drive for your convenience. Once recovered, we will show you how to better protect yourself against the same failure in the future.

Networking/Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking and Computer NetworksNetworking may sound ominous, but it is not. By networking your computers, we allow them to “talk” to each other, share files, share printers, and backup their data to one common server. This can be done wirelessly or wired depending on the size of your network and personal preferences. Let us step in and do it the right way—secure and configured the way you want.


Computer Security - Remove Malware and VirusesWorried about the security of your computer? We can help with that. Allow us to help you choose the perfect anti-virus, anti-malware or firewall to fit your wants/needs. With the proper security measures you will not have to worry about the safety of your information again! Not sure if your current protection is working? Allow us to check and make any suggestions.

24/7 Emergency Support

24-7 Emergency SupportWe understand that computer issues happen at any time, not only during the normal 9-5 workweek. For this reason, we offer 24/7 emergency service with a 2-hour guaranteed response time. We have the equipment, knowledge, and time to get you back up and running. Count on us when you’re down and need immediate service – anytime, any hour, any day.