Make Your Smart Phone Battery Last Longer!!

Have you ever noticed that even when you are not using your phone it seems to run out of battery life quickly? Here are a few tips to make that battery last longer. For starters, turn off radio hardware! For example, are you actually using blue tooth? If you aren’t, turn it off. Another thing you can do is turn off 3G-4G access. You can still receive calls on other networks and your phone will not be wasting battery life constantly searching for the next closest 3G or 4G network. Adjusting the brightness on your phone can also cut back on battery usage. Most phones have an auto adjust for brightness. This option causes the phone to adjust the brightness based on surrounding lighting. By disabling or limiting notifications, you can save your battery life. You can adjust notifications for Facebook and email to come every few hours instead of every few minutes. Battery life will be saved because it wont be used to constantly search for updates and emails. Following these simple tips will allow you to have battery life for when you really need it.