Introducing Our Hardware As A Service!

EZ-IT is very excited to go live with our latest product, Hardware As A Service (Haas). 

What is Hardware As a Service? 

Simply put, HaaS is this:  We provide the hardware, software, and support that you need for personal or business as a service to you, eliminating the need for you to purchase and maintain your own IT equipment.  Our hardware is all new is is configured and prepped just for you when you need. 

Who uses HaaS and will it help me?

People from all walks of life utilize HaaS.  Whether it’s a student going to college and needing a laptop and not having the immediate funds to buy or a new start-up company that needs printers, servers, and desktops to get operational, you can trust EZ-IT to have the products you need.  Our HaaS is cheaper, easier, and faster than buying new and backed by a local company that will help from the very first day.  All hardware comes complete with full support included and has the option to purchase with lease-to-own.  Don’t be fooled by other companies claiming to offer the same–our HaaS is different, better, and cheaper!

Do you have what I need?

We just completed our initial investment to take our HaaS service live which included purchases over $12,000 worth of new parts.  We have many different levels of hardware designed to fit your immediate needs.  We also allow you to upgrade down the road if you find you need bigger, faster, better!  If we don’t have exactly what you need in stock, we can overnight delivery and configuration of your product and configure the next day.

How much does HaaS cost and how do I sign up?

HaaS is based on several factors.  Call us today to get a unique, custom quote and sign up.  All hardware can be delivered and installed within 2 hours at no additional cost.  If you are a business, be sure to ask about including our Completely Managed IT service with your lease!