How to turn any file into a PDF…for free!

Every now and then I come across a user who forks over a good chuck of change for Adobe Acrobat just for the ability to make pdf’s.  It used to be that if you want to make a PDF, it’s Adobe and only Adobe.  Well, those days on gone!  With free sotware, you can turn any file (really!) into a pdf.  Check out Cute PDF Writer.  It’s free and works.  Download the zipped setup and extract.  Install the converter first then Cute PDF Writer.  Once installed, you will have a new printer called Cute PDF.  To make a PDF, simply print whatever you wants as a pdf to this printer.  Once printed, you will get the option to save the file.  Name and save this file voila–you now have a PDF!  If you want to be able to edit/merge/extract PDF’s, check out BlueBeam.  It competes with Adobe Acrobat, but is much cheaper and offers more features.

Happy PDF making! 🙂

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