Do You Backup?

We are talking about your data, of course.  Have you heard about EZ-IT’s Online Backup Service?  It’s so easy (and affordable!) 

How does it work?

You call us and schedule an appointment.  We will come to your house or business, install the software, configure the software, and initiatethe first backup.  Your data will then backup once a day (or more often if you need it).  The software runs automatically in the background and email notifications are sent to us letting us know if there are any problems during the backup.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely!  Your data is encrypted, both the files and during transport to our servers.  We can’t access your data without your permission and no one else can.  Your data is stored on 3 different servers in 3 different, physical, secure locations.  As soon as your data is backed up, it is immediately replicated to our 2 other servers.  This connection is also encrypted.  Best of all, our multi-million dollar insurance policy ensures your data is safe and protected with us.

What can be backed up?

Anything!  Our software is POWERFUL!  We can do your basic data (pictures, word documents, etc.) or a bare-bones image (which allows you to recover the entire computer to a different computer).  We also support Exchange 2000-2010 (both brick-level and mailbox-level), MySQL Server, SharePoint Server 2005-2010  and SQL Server 2000-2008.  We also support Apple’s–both Power PC and Intel.  Impressive, huh?

How soon can I get my data back if I need it?

10 minutes fast enough?  That’s a key difference between us and other companies.  We can help you recover individual files or previous file versions either online or on-site.  Entire PC crash?  Don’t worry–we can help you rebuild your PC, reinstall your software, and restore your data just the way it was the same day (and often within a few hours).  There is no waiting for the data to be restored to an external hard drive and mailed to you–one call to use gets the ball rolling to start the entire process.

How much does it cost?

We bill only based on usage.  There are no setup fees, maintenance fees, or recovery fees.  Prices start as cheap as $8/month.  Because our solution uses heavy compression, we won’t be able to give you an accurate price until we get an initial backup of your data. 

Call us today to take advantage.  We are so sure that you will love our backup service that we will let you try it for free for 2 weeks!  If you decide to continue, you only pay for the following months of service.  If not, we can remove the software.  Sign up before it’s too late, because data recovery is never guaranteed–our service is!