Did you know that adding more memory will help speed up your computer?

It’s true!  Computers needs memory to function properly and load applications and when you don’t have enough memory for your computer to work efficiently, your computer slows down due to using your hard drive.  Adding more memory means your computer has more to access and allows for programs and Windows to load faster and to have more applications open.

So how much memory do you need?  Well, you want to find that magic number depending on which version of Windows you are running.  Below is a cheat sheet we complied for you to help you out 🙂

Windows 98/ME  512MB

Windows 2000 1GB

Windows XP (32 bit/2GB  64bit/3GB)

Windows Vista (32bit/3GB 64bit/4GB)

Windows 7 (32bit/3GB/64bit/6GB)

You may have noticed 32bit and 64bit.  Windows XP, Vista, and 7 can be either 32 bit or 64 bit.  If you are running 32 bit, the most memory Windows will use is 3.25GB.  64 bit can use up to 64GB.

Memory runs in different sizes and speeds.  For the best price and guaranteed compatibility and performance, be sure to call us and let us help you with all your memory needs!