Change your startup for a faster computer!

Remember all those programs you install on your computer?  You know, itunes, java, adobe reader, printers.  Well, almost all of it is configured to start when your computer turns on.  That’s why your computer is so slow to turn on and start up.  All those programs gobble up your memory and hog your processor until they are loaded.  But guess what?  You can prevent these programs from running at start-up which will speed up your PC, make your computer run faster, and only load those programs when you need them!

To get started, click on start, run, then type MSCONFIG.  This will open system configuration.  Click on the start-up tab.  Look for common items such as java, adobe, google, etc and uncheck the box.  Be sure to NOT uncheck critical items such as anti-virus and some security software.  Click OK, reboot, and when your computer boots back up, everything you unchecked won’t start.  You may get a pop-up saying the start-up has changed.  This is normal.  Just click ok and go  on your way! 🙂

Leave your comments or questions below if you aren’t sure what is safe to uncheck!