If you are running any electronics, you need a battery backup(also called UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply)!  Why?  Battery backups do more than just provide electiricy if your power goes out.  They also do dynamic line conditioning to guard against … Continue reading

EZ-IT is proud to introduce our latest service, Remote Network Monitoring. Our Remote Network Monitoring Service allows you to take the complications out of monitoring  your network and allows us to configure and monitor remotely. Is your switch under-performing?  Internet dieing?  Printers … Continue reading

EZ-IT is proud to announce our latest feature, EZ-Pay.  Look–we know times are hard and we also know how important computers are.  That’s why we decided to allow payment plans.  We can break your payment into 1, 2, or 3 … Continue reading

We are talking about your data, of course.  Have you heard about EZ-IT’s Online Backup Service?  It’s so easy (and affordable!)  How does it work? You call us and schedule an appointment.  We will come to your house or business, … Continue reading